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The electronic dissertations database EDIS is a service offered by the main library and the IT department of the University St. Gallen.

Commercial use or exploitation of the publications or parts of the publications offered on the database is prohibited in any form. Content may only be used for scientific and private purposes.

Documents that are made available through EDIS, including all data such as images, graphs and multimedia-data, are protected by copyright-law. The authors remain responsible for their content.

Documents that are made available to the public in electronic form through the internet are subject to unrestricted copyright-law. (URG).

In particular:
Reproduction of the documents, e.g. through copying or printing, is only allowed for private purposes (Article 19 URG). Additional reproduction and distribution may only be undertaken with the explicit approval of the copy-right holder.

The user is responsible for compliance with copyright regulations and can be prosecuted in case of abuse.

No guarantees can be made as to the completeness, correctness or currency of the material reproduced on this server. Under no circumstance will liability be accepted for costs or damages resulting from the application of the information that has been accessed through our server.

No responsibility is accepted for the contents of external internet sites that are made accessible through hyper-links.

The reproduction of names and trademarks in EDIS as well as in other publicly available documents does not imply that these names and trademarks are freely available for public use in terms of the rules of competition law and of trademark law, even when restrictions on their use are not explicitly mentioned.

Area of jurisdiction is St. Gallen

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