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Project EDIS
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HSG Library
   University of St.Gallen
   Dufourstrasse 50
   CH-9000 St.Gallen
Project EDIS

Electronic Dissertations at the University of St. Gallen - EDIS

The possibilities of electronic publishing have become significantly better throughout the last years. First of all, more powerful communication technology allows downloading of large files in an acceptable amount of time. Secondly, there are nowadays software instruments with which digital documents can be produced fairly easily.
Because of these technological developments we decided in 1999 to start a prototype for the electronic publication of doctoral theses at the University of St. Gallen. We wanted to solve both the storage space problem and give fast and cost-effective access to research results. We looked for a solution that should not cause additional costs for the library, but neither should demand considerable amount of work from the doctoral candidates. The library and the computing department cooperated in developing EDIS – Electronic Dissertations.

With EDIS we offer you an up to date electronic publication platform for your doctoral thesis. We would like to mention just a few advantages of electronic publishing:

General advantages:
Online publishing will promote the transfer of knowledge between universities and the general public. It will also facilitate the inclusion of multimedia components within documents. Moreover, the internet allows access without any temporal or geographical limitations. At the moment efforts are being made to construct international databases that will make it possible to search for dissertations worldwide.

Advantages for doctoral students:
Electronic publishing will make it possible to improve the coordination of research and dissertation projects that are being undertaken in the world. New results will be disseminated more rapidly and at lower costs. An electronic dissertation can be placed on the internet quickly and without too many technical requirements. This could, for instance, be helpful for job applications.

Advantages for libraries:
Electronic dissertations will reduce handling costs and free up shelf space. At the same time electronic publishing will guarantee that documents will remain available quickly and directly. This advantage not only pertains to the dissertations written at the home university but also to those written at others.

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